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We offer a variety of styles of dance classes for kids ages two through adult! All of our dance programs are based on a graded curriculum. This is utilized to keep our students on track and to make placement simple and concise.  All classes are based upon approval. Levels 4 and up will need evaluation. Whether you are looking for dance classes for kids or adults our local studio has a style to fit your needs.

Step Up Series- Ages 18 months to 4 years

Not sure where to start your little one? Try one of our classes in the Step Up Series: Combo Classes, Tot Tumble, Jazz / Tap, Ballet / Creative, Wiggles & Giggles, Tumble Sprouts, Kids Jazz, Musical Theater.

Pre-Ballet Creative

Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet is a class for young movers.  As a preface to technical Ballet training, exploration in Creative Movement facilitates body and spatial awareness, balance, coordination, focus, the development of locomotive and axial skills, and social boundaries. This class helps build strength, flexibility, and self-confidence by allowing children to actualize kinesthetic expression in a positive and encouraging environment. Children use their imaginations to experiment their own movement capabilities and have lots of fun.

Tap Levels 1-7

Tap dance is a genre influenced by African and Jazz dance in which complex rhythms are sounded out by the “taps” on the dancer’s shoes. This lively dance makes the performer not just a dancer, but also a percussive musician developing musicality, timing, and focus. Varied styles of Rhythm and Broadway Tap are available in beginner, intermediate and advance levels.

Hiphop 1-7 (Girls & Boys)

Hip-Hop dance is a style that is part of a larger Hip-Hop culture that has swept the globe since the late 1970s.  It is one of the only dance forms that originated in America and created by youth.  This ever-changing dance form ranges in styles of commercial, breaking, locking, whacking, krumping and house.  However being a popular social dance, new styles are constantly emerging.   Hip-Hop class is high energy and builds strength to promote individuality, as well as being social and fun.

Acro/Tumbling Levels 1-7

Students will learn basic tumbling and contortion skills that will build flexibility and strength.  Tumbling/Acro challenges the students with speed-tumbling as well as slow controlled movement in contortion.  All classes focus on safe progressive skills with nationally certified Tumbling instructors.  Students are carefully placed to ensure safety and to guarantee a positive experience.

Worship Dance

Our praise dance classes are geared towards specific ages and skill levels. The dancers utilize props, ribbons, flags, and scarves to express their hearts to the Lord. We pray, learn scripture, and share ways to apply God’s word in our lives. Instructors incorporate sign language as a way of worship and tool of expression. Multiple styles of dances are incorporated including ballet, lyrical, and hip-hop. This variety of experience equips students to be able to minister in dance and drama in various shows and outreach opportunities. Ultimately, the goal is to encourage the students to find joy, peace, and purpose while using their gifts to bring freedom and joy to ALL in Jesus name and glory!

Preschool 2-4

Combo is a class that introduces dance to young movers for the first time.  Appropriate for pre-school aged children, Combo uses fun, imagination games to introduce dance class structure and social forms, listening, cooperation, basic body awareness, locomotive and axial movements.

Musical Theater Levels 1-7

Musical Theater is a form of theater that combines dance and acting.  Both dance and theatrical elements are found in this class.  Musical Theater explores classic and current musicals as well as draws on the dancer’s creativity and skill to compose unique musical stories of their own.   Musical Theater is a high-energy class that helps build confidence, as well as improvisation and performance skills.

Jazz Levels 1-7

Jazz dance is a combination of a variety of styles that showcases individuality, and performance.  Originating in the 1950s, this evolving art form has a strong technical base with roots from Ballet, African dance, Musical Theater, Modern, and social dances genres. Jazz is a great form of dance for any age, developing strength, musicality, and flexibility. Students of jazz are strongly encouraged to study ballet simultaneously for the best possible jazz dance experience. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels are available.

Modern/Contemporary Level 1-7

Modern and contemporary dance is best suited for the dancer interested in exploring the art of dance by experimenting with different qualities of movement, balance, and abstract thought. This creative dance form has defined techniques but originally emerged as a rebellion to Ballet. It is a stylized dance form that uses raw emotion and interpretation, dance technique, and musicality to portray a story or emotion. With a focus on natural movement and alignment, this style draws on technique to develop the artist within the dancer. Classes also draw upon inspiration from all aspects of dance to create a class constantly in search of new forms and dynamics. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels are available.

Ballet Levels 1-7

A classical dance form that is the foundation of many other genres in dance, Ballet is a strict and formal performance technique. Originating in the 15th century Italy this French codified dance has a rich history throughout Europe and has been highly influential on dance globally.  This traditional technique requires control, concentration, precision, and practice in order to become proficient.  While enhancing these attributes, Ballet builds ultimate strength and flexibility that lends itself to every other genre of dance.  Various levels are available to students.

PRIVATES, All Levels

We offer private lessons for all ages/levels and styles!

Please give us a call if your student is interested in doing private sessions.

We base our dance programs on lifetime learning concepts, in addition to technical foundations. Our basic building blocks for our dance program are:







Class Tuition

2023/2024 Monthly Class Tuition
First Class | $65
Second Class | $110
Third Class | $154
Fourth Class | $195
Fifth Class | $225
Sixth Class | $255
Seventh Class | $275
Eighth Class | $295
Ninth Class | $315
Tenth Class | $335 

*Rates based on 10 month schedule*

Registration fee is $35

Add a sibling for $15 and three or more is $50

We also offer private lessons for all ages/levels and styles! Please contact our office for private lesson pricing.

Please note there will be a 3.25% convenience fee for credit card, debit card, and paypal transactions to cover the fees charged by those companies. There are no convenience fees associated with payment by check or cash.  Payments are due on the 1st of the month. A late fee of %15 will be changed on any unpaid or late tuition. 


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We are ready to have you become part of our dance family. If your student is ready grow as both a dancer and a person, we can offer them a safe space and fun environment to do so. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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