Our mission is to create a studio full of overflowing joy! We want children to discover and develop their artistic side while building their self-confidence. In every class, we want to give your child the encouragement and direction they need to excel. We create an ideal learning atmosphere by providing a positive, happy, and creative environment. That is our passion at Dance Dynamics. We want every child to walk out of class feeling beautiful, successful, and confident.

At Dance Dynamics we are absolutely committed to using music, costumes and dance movements that are family friendly and wholesome.We believe that dance promotes self-confidence, patience, hard work, endurance, physical fitness, artistic expression, respect, and the ability to accept criticism gracefully.Dance Dynamics is a place filled with joy. It is a place your dancer can grow and have a great time! Building positive character in a happy, wholesome environment is what our mission and passion is at Dance Dynamics!


Be a positive, encouraging environment where passion, purpose, and possibilities are attainable, active, and ALIVE!


Be an educational facility by offering sound curriculum for goal setting as well as evaluation guidelines. We hope to continue offering a loving place for children to come learn and grow while becoming a member of the Dance Dynamics family. Because community is important to us, we see our future to involve “unity in the community” as a facility that bridges family through dance